Create a poster showcasing an issue or a phenomenon that is important to you. Show the world what you believe brings a positive change or what you would like to criticise and improve. Your poster can show your support and appreciation for a cause but it can also be a protest. 
What are you FOR and what are you AGAINST?
 Express your opinion and share your ideas with the world.

The world around is changing and increasingly faces new challenges, as our contacts with others and most of our daily communications are being moved online.
Do such changes teach us anything new, and are they necessary?  Will they have a positive or a negative effect on us?

Universal access to numerous sources of information and multiple communication tools means that anyone can comment on any issue, phenomenon or problem from anywhere in the world.Everyone can mark their presence in this local-global community by engaging with any issue even if just by expressing their opinion, support or opposition. FOR / AGAINST (ZA/PRZECIW) are contradictory expressions which illustrate the bipolarity of the world and its divisions but also showcase the freedom of choice. Through this bipolarity FOR / AGAINST does not impose a positive or a negative meaning.The main goal of the project is to analyse the current social discussions and to compare the different perspectives on current issues.


From all submitted applications, an international jury will select winners
1st place: 2500 PLN

2nd place 1500 PLN

3rd place 1000 PLN

 50 best posters which will be presented during post-competition exhibitions in Kraków, Warsaw, Szczecin, Olsztyn and Łódź in Poland and Zhengzhou (capital of Henan Province) in China.


Announcement of the Competition: 30 May 2020
Deadline for submissions: 30 July 2020
Announcement of the finalists: 20 August 2020
Delivery of printed works for the exhibition (only finalists): 10 September 2020
Announcement of the winners: October 2020


1. The competition is open for students and recent graduates who have completed their studies in the last 5 years
2. Each participant can submit up to three different posters
3. Applications can be only submitted online by completing the submissions form:
4. Specs: format of submissions: a poster preview 7 x 10 cm
Each file must be saved with a 6-digit code as indicated on the submissions form.